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Mauger Law: Estate Planning Road Map

Learn all about our estate planning process so that you know exactly what to expect when planning your estate with Mauger & Meter.

Step 1: Read Estate Planning in Plain English

Read our free informational booklet, Estate Planning in Plain English to learn all about estate planning.  Allow approximately 30 minutes to read this booklet.

Step 2: Schedule your Initial Consultation

Contact one of our attorneys directly to schedule your initial consultation.

Step 3: Complete our Estate Planning Questionnaire

Complete our Estate Planning Questionnaire by fillable PDF or by questing a secure web form.  The Questionnaire will provide your attorney with information they need about you, your estate, and your goals.  Your  attorney will review your Questionnaire with you at your Initial Consultation.  Allow approximately 30 minutes to complete the Questionnaire.

Step 4: Initial Consultation

At your Initial Consultation, you and your attorney will review your Estate Planning Questionnaire and discuss your estate planning goals in more depth.  At the end of your consultation, your attorney will outline the documents he will be preparing for your estate plan, and schedule your Draft Reveiw appointment.  Allow approximately 30-60 minutes for your Initial Consultation.  (NOTE: We are currently conducting our Initial Consultations remotely via video or teleconference.)

Step 5: Draft Review

Within 7-14 days after your Initial Consultation, you and your attorney will meet via video or teleconference to review the drafts of the estate planning documents your attorney prepared for you.  Allow approximately 30-60 minutes to fully review the drafts prepared for you.

Step 6: Document Signing

Meet with your attorney to finalize and execute all of your estate planning documents.  Allow approximately 15-30 minutes.