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Resources From Our Attorney

Glossary of Estate Planning Terms

Don’t want the entire Estate Planning in Plain English booklet, but want a refresher? Click here.

Estate Planning in Plain English

This is an informational booklet written by our attorneys with you in mind.  You’ll learn all about estate plans and their various components, and how an estate plan works in the context of probate in Pennsylvania.  This informational booklet is written in plain English, and includes a glossary of terms that are commonly used in the estate planning process.

Estate Planning Road Map

Learn about the estate planning process and what you can expect when planning your estate with Mauger Law.

Estate Planning Services from Mauger Law

Basic Estate Planning

Learn about our low-cost flat rate basic estate planning services available for most clients. 

Planning for Complex Estates

Learn more about the variety of affordable planning services for our clients with more complex estates.